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Medical Malpractice Defense

Medical Malpractice defense is what Salinas Law Group is best known for – in fact, it’s all we do. When a health care professional or institution is faced with allegations of medical negligence, Salinas Law Group is here to help. With established expertise and decades of experience, we are prepared to provide an aggressive defense. We are experts at handling all phases of malpractice litigation, from the initial pleadings through jury trial. If you are facing allegations of medical malpractice, elder or dependent adult abuse or related claims, get Salinas Law Group on your side. The attorneys at Salinas Law Group have been successfully defending physicians, allied health professionals and medical institutions for well over 30 years.

Medical Board Matters

When the Medical Board contacts a physician about a patient’s care or a pattern of practice, the physician should not respond alone. Medical Board proceedings are complex and serious legal proceedings which can result in physician discipline, fines, suspension – even loss of medical license. Navigating successfully through this process requires legal expertise and experience of the kind held by the attorneys of Salinas Law Group. When the Medical Board calls, call us first – we can help.

Hospital Administration Matters

Hospital administrative issues can be complicated, protracted and political. They can result in discipline, suspension and loss of privileges. Having experienced counsel help you navigate your way through these proceedings can maximize your chances of getting the best possible outcome. Salinas Law Group can assist you with a variety of administrative matters that threaten your professional standing and license.




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